Tiger’s Eye Crystal Glass Water Bottle

Tiger’s Eye Crystal Glass Water Bottle

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Experience the benefits of crystal energy when you drink from the Myga Crystal Infusion Glass Water Bottle equipped with natural Tiger’s Eye crystal for clarity of mind, protection, and strength. Directly infuse your water with the energy of the crystal, as it rests in the bottle, and gain the full power of the gemstone, shielded by a neoprene protection sleeve.


Tiger’s Eye gemstone symbolises mental clarity and patience. It is known as the stone of protection and willpower.


Tiger’s Eye Gemstone

Includes a neoprene protection sleeve

Made from food grade approved materials

BPA Free

Long wearing

Easy to use/clean

Crystal elixirs

Natural gem water, crystal tonics

Recharge your water with crystal clear energies



304 stainless steel cup and base

Borosilicate glass


Care Instructions

  1. Before your first use, gently take the sleeve off and unscrew the base of the bottle which holds the crystal apparatus. Make sure to also clean the silicon ring which prevents your bottle from leaking.
  2. Unscrew now the crystal apparatus. Water does collect in the space between the crystal apparatus and the base.
  3. Use a soft bottle brush or dishcloth and wipe with warm and soapy water the bottle as well as all parts of the base and crystal apparatus. Ensure to rinse it well to remove any soap residue.
  4. Hold the crystal under running water.

Do not put any parts in the dishwasher. 

Once your bottle and crystal are clean, put all parts back together and fill the bottle with filtered or spring water. Let the water sit for a few minutes to several hours to allow the crystal’s energy to infuse the water and set your intention. Enjoy!

Handle with care to prevent damage to the crystal or the bottle itself. Always check the condition of the crystal before drinking from the bottle.


Size: 6.5cm x 26cm

Capacity: 500ml 

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