Kid's Third Eye Frenzy Yoga Mat

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Explore the Third Eye Frenzy Yoga Mat, a versatile play and exercise space where imagination sparks movement! Featuring the whimsical character Third Eye Frenzy in transformative poses as planets, vegetables, and fruits, this mat inspires children to embrace endless possibilities.

Featuring a single silk print and 3mm cushioning, this mat ensures comfort during yoga and other activities. Its optimal size boosts engagement and focus, while the soft yet stable material ensures safety. Easy to clean, it fosters growth, creativity, and fun, perfect for kids up to 150cm tall.


• Inspiring Design: Features Third Eye Frenzy in various imaginative transformations, encouraging kids to explore and dream.
• High-Quality Print: A gorgeous single silk print that's both eye-catching and durable.
• Comfort and Cushioning: 3mm thickness provides adequate padding to protect young joints without compromising stability.
• Durable Material: Made from soft yet stable materials to support a range of activities.
• Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain, perfect for daily use.
• Proper Alignment and Safety: Designed to fit children’s smaller stances, these mats ensure correct posture and balance, reducing the risk of injury.
• Lightweight and Manageable: Easy for children to carry and manage, promoting independence.
• Personal Hygiene: Owning a personal mat prevents the sharing of germs, maintaining cleanliness.

Material: PVC
Colour: Iris &

Care instruction
Gently wipe the mat with a clean, damp cloth to clean. Avoid squeezing or twisting to maintain its shape. Let it air dry in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight. This mat is intended for yoga and other playful activities, to be used without shoes to prolong its lifespan.

Width: 55cm
Length: 150cm
Thickness: 3mm

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