Cedar Dhoop Cones

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Product Story

Myga’s dhoop cones are created with individual ingredients which are finely grounded, mixed together to a dough and pressed into a cone shape. After the drying process, the incense cones are wrapped in eco-friendly butter paper and then packed in a recyclable paper box.

A package contains 12 cones and can be used in yoga, meditation or as a natural room fragrance.

Myga’s range of dhoop cones are handcrafted natural products without animal, toxic or petrochemical additives.



Cedar with its woody smell, is a very old incense ingredient that was used in almost all cultures. It helps to reduce tightness and fear and lifts your mood due to its purifying property. Burning cedar will bring joy, positive energy, light and clarity into your space.



- Handmade in India
- Natural product
- Non toxic, vegan, zero plastic
- Without petrochemical additives
- For rituals, cleansing, home fragrance
- Used in Meditation and Yoga
- Clears negative energy
- Creates a relaxing atmosphere
- Highest quality ingredients to offer long lasting fragrance



Length of cone: 1,5inch/3,81cm
Net weight: approx. 20-25g
Cones per package: 12 pcs.
Burning time per cone: approx. 20min



Wood powder, joss powder and natural fragrance.
Colour incense sticks: Brown


Care & Use

Place the cone on a cone holder or fireproof surface. Light the cone at the tip until it is immersed in the flame. Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds before you gently blow out the flame.

Do not leave the cone unattended.

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