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The Myga yoga support pad is available in 6 different colours and provides amazing comfort in sensitive areas, such as knees, elbows, ankles, wrists and sit bones, during your yoga practice or any exercise. It is the perfect complement to your full-size yoga mat, especially designed for those who need a little extra support and cushioning. It is also brilliant when practising headstands.

The pad has an alignment print as your navigation tool, can be placed on top of every mat, and has been specially designed to match our Alignment yoga mat.

Perfect support for knees, elbows, and hands
Alleviates knee pain
Non-slip surface
Ensures grip even during more sweaty workouts
Lightweight & portable
Ready to use
Easy to roll up and store away
Easy wipe down surface
Great for those who suffer from knee injury or osteoarthritis

Top Side Material: Polyurethane
Bottom Side Material: Natural Rubber Base

Use & Care
If you regularly practice in sweaty conditions, you may want to clean your yoga pad more often, otherwise, we recommend cleaning your pad after every 4-8 uses. Please note that over-cleaning or using harsh cleaning products will wear out the mat faster. We do not recommend using any chemical mat cleaner or essential oil sprays, as they can potentially damage the surface of the pad.

To Clean
Dip a clean cloth into a warm water with a few drops of mild dish soap and wipe your pad very gently. Hang to dry.

Myga Tip
- Avoid exposing your pad over a long period of time in direct sunlight
- Only roll your pad with the top side (pretty design) on the outside.
- Due to the absorbent material of the pad (which gives you that great grip), your skin’s natural oil may stain or mark the surface over a certain period (depending how often you practice). Therefore, we recommend not to use any creams or oils on your hands and feet before you practice as these may cause stains. Do not worry if you see those sorts of marks, they will often fade gradually with time. Instead smile at them and be proud of your ‘fingerprints’.

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