Myga Vegan Suede Yoga Mat - Tropical

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Dreaming of a tropical holiday? Regardless of the weather, get ready to add a splash of tropical colour to your life with this Caribbean, fruity themed yoga mat. Beautifully designed to help you find your space and remember your true nature this stylish mat is has a soft vegan suede top layer, delicate on touch and a rubber tree bottom providing stability on any surface.

Created for high performance, the velvety top layer increases grip the more you sweat, and its surface will naturally become rougher with every use. Don’t worry if you are not a sweater, just spray, splash or wet your mat with water for a super, anti-slip function which gets activated when the surface gets damp.

Although this mat is great for all yoga practices or workouts, it is also ideal for Hot Yoga/Bikram, Power, Ashtanga and other dynamic practices. Easy to roll up, steady on the floor or on top of another yoga mat for extra cushioning and portable for instant use anywhere.

This yoga mat comes in a beautiful natural eco-friendly tube which you can easily use to store the item after the practice.

Top Surface: Microfibre Vegan Suede
Bottom Surface: Natural Foam Rubber

Premium design
Non-slip microfibre vegan suede
High grip base from natural rubber

Grip Tip
Your new mat might be a bit slippery the first time - don’t worry! Just like your new pair of jeans or shoes, your mat gets better the more you use it. Spray, wet or splash your mat with water for a super grip.

Care & Use
This mat is very easy to clean with a soft cloth and water whenever needed or machine washable in cold water, gentle cycle and no bleach. Hang to dry.

Our products are consciously packaged using eco-friendly materials without plastic.

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